Titus Mueller“Barbara Ellermeier is nothing less than a research genius. She found everything for me.

Even the number of cows that my protagonist Wilson Bentley kept in his cowshed.”

— Titus Müller, author of 14 books, including the biographical novel »The Snowflake Man«
Random House Germany

Photo: Kristin Cofer
Photo: Kristin Cofer

“A fountain of knowledge. To know Barbara is to be gifted with and to have access to unusual bits and pieces of research, all of them tremendously useful.”


— Esmé Weijun Wang, author 
San Francisco 



I want you to know: if I were to conduct research for you, I would treat all your material as confidential, as is my policy with all my research clients.


Manuscript assessments start at 400 Euros. 

Our research collaboration starts at 1,500 Euros. Most clients book the 2,300 Euro package. 


Think we’d work well together? Then please contact me and tell me more about your novel.


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Photo: EH Kelly

“Dr. Barbara’s response time is lightning fast, and always upbeat and positive.”

— Erin Hook Kelly, Winston-Salem, USA






“Barbara knows the direction that the plot of the novel is meant to take and therefore keeps to it. Nevertheless, she does intervene: She points out any errors in the general plan as well as any misunderstandings and pitfalls. She also suggests alternatives and possible additional scenes. She understands that an entertaining historical novel must have a factual background — while putting the focus on an exciting, lively story.”

— A writer, signed with one of Germany’s largest publishing houses


“Your material just arrived, and I feel so touched that someone who understands me so well should be pulling in the same direction as me.”

— Author, Random House